my heroes:


Ted Kennedy and Michelle Obama.


i am the least political Washingtonian around. i’ve never wanted to follow politics, nor have i ever wanted to work in it. how i ended up in the most political of towns, i’ll never know. (actually, i do know – thanks, theresa.)

but tonight, i watched two of the most amazing speaches at the Democratic National Convention. yes. me. watching the most polarized political event of the year, of the last four years, and of the next four. and twice, i was brought to tears.

if there were just two people in the world to look up to, two people who shine without a spotlight, it would be Ted Kennedy and Michelle Obama. tonight, i learned that they both have worked in their careers for the betterment of the average American. they speak from their hearts, and they truly believe in their words and work. they can inspire those who have never turned an ear to policy, and inspire those numb to the status quo of Washington.

they’ve inspired me, and i hope they’ve inspired others like me as well.

i feel confident in putting my faith in the world as it should be, and in those who can get us there.

the possibilities are endless.


3 Responses to “my heroes:”

  1. I’ve become the sappiest person EVER because of this convention.

    Ted Kennedy talking about his brother not saying that the moon’s too far? Crying. Michelle Obama talking about how we can tell our children that this time, we hoped? Crying.

    Barack getting the nomination? Crying. The delegate talking about how her dad would be so proud? Crying.

    I haven’t cried during Joe Biden’s speech yet, but there’s still time.

    I’m glad I’m off tomorrow night; I should be bawling during Barack Obama’s speech.

  2. I thought the two speeches last night from Joe Biden and Bill Clinton were just off the scale. I can’t wait for the acceptance speech tonight.

  3. @dewittte: i have it set on my TiVo tonite. i’m going to save it for Aaron, for when he gets back. i have a feeling it’s going to be very, very important.

    yes – last night was incredible, too. i’ve seen Clinton speak in person (at my bro’s commencement at RIT last year) and tonight was even more moving. and biden? i didn’t know much about him before this, but he’s got such a great story. wow. history is being made here. i just hope the votes add up in November.

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