list: summer love


things i love about summertime in DC (or really, just today):

  • rooftop pools
  • warm sun, a cool breeze, and low humidity*
  • saturdays with fun things planned that take no stress to do
  • 7:30pm and the sun is still shining bright
  • the smell of sunblock and chlorine on my skin
  • driving home on an empty highway
  • classic rock on the radio (the police, bonus points)
  • driving on said empty highway with the windows down**
  • the smell of a charcoal grill
  • people playing beer pong in their driveway (i only drove by, i didn’t participate)
  • relaxing with good friends
  • knowing i can stay out late dancing as long as i want because i don’t have to wake up with an alarm in the morning on sunday

yes, i think this afternoon and early evening’s been about perfect. there’s still room craziness, of course, but as of this moment, i’m pretty darn relaxed. all that’s left to do is to take a shower, get dressed, and figure out who will be where tonight.

not too bad.

* this is rather unusual for DC.  august is typically “soupy” . . .  we’ll pay for this perfect weather – mid 80’s, sunny, and low humidity – later.  expect grumbling around september when we have another crazy heat wave.

** although this is quite enjoyable, and usually preferable when the weather is so good . . . it’s out of necessity.  my car’s air conditioning is broken.  i decided that i had better uses for the $1200 it would have cost to repair it.  yeah.


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