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three years ago, Katrina devastated the New Orleans region through shear force and lack of being prepared. now, these battered and bruised neighborhoods are under a major threat again, from Hurricane Gustav.  as of about 2:15pm today, it’s listed as a category 3 storm, but still has a chance of increasing in strength before hitting […]

i, like millions of americans tonight, just watched a speech that some analysts are calling “a political masterpiece” (as stated on CNN’s broadcast).  not only was it moving, powerful, and poignant, but it was full of hope – hope for the future, hope for the United States, and hope for each and every American. Barack […]

my heroes:


Ted Kennedy and Michelle Obama. *** i am the least political Washingtonian around. i’ve never wanted to follow politics, nor have i ever wanted to work in it. how i ended up in the most political of towns, i’ll never know. (actually, i do know – thanks, theresa.) but tonight, i watched two of the […]

on to november!


i made my donation [albeit small]. have you invested in our future?

Great Big Sea


I’m here at the Great Big Sea concert, and it rocks!



I’m sitting in a local restaurant, Willow, waiting for my friends to arrive. I had an interesting thought today while walking to my house from the metro. Well, maybe not interesting, but a thought. The weather is perfectly warm with a cool breeze. I love walking in weather like this. I had been reading a […]

what an incredible olympics.  i’ve been watching Jonathan Newton’s blog on the Washington Post’s website, and i agree with him.  this image is the ultimate. After winning his eighth gold medal of the Beijing Games, Michael Phelps climbed into the photographers’ pit to get to his mom and sisters for a true moment. I didn’t […]

you had called me on tuesday, right when i needed it. any earlier, and i would not have been able to answer the phone. i’m glad i found this interactive airplane (as part of a larger exhibit across the entire neighborhood) when i did, not long after your call. i can’t wait until you can […]

is it possible to have a hangover even if i wasn’t drunk?  i didn’t get home until 3:30am last night, and now i feel like i got hit by a truck.  sadly, i may have to pass on yoga today.  downward dog with a headache is not a good idea. i must be getting old. […]

things i love about summertime in DC (or really, just today): rooftop pools warm sun, a cool breeze, and low humidity* saturdays with fun things planned that take no stress to do 7:30pm and the sun is still shining bright the smell of sunblock and chlorine on my skin driving home on an empty highway […]