guess who’s going to Missouri!

a watched pot never boils.  neither does a stalked email account.

a watched pot never boils. neither does a stalked email account

there’s still a ton of logistics to figure out – flights, rental car, hotel, coordinating with Becky so i get to see her at least a little bit while i’m in her general area – but i’m beside myself excited. i really wasn’t sure if i’d get in or not. (don’t you go making a fuss.) it’s a competitive workshop to get into, and probably extra this year since an article ran in the NPPA magazine promoting this, the 60th year of the Missouri Photo Workshop.

and i get to be a part of it.


did i mention that this will most likely be the most challenging thing i’ve ever done? it’s hard-core. no soccer moms wanting to take better photos of their kids. people who attend this are working journalists, students, or people like me – trying to get experience to make the eventual switch into a field i’m insanely passionate about. daily critiques will not be kind. and i’ll be pushed to the max. but the potential for learning is through the roof. i can’t wait.


3 Responses to “guess who’s going to Missouri!”

  1. 1 Barry

    Great news! How long a program is this?

  2. it’s a week – a sunday through saturday. i’ll have to miss a rehearsal for both choir and revels . . . but it’s totally worth it. hopefully, i’ll have internet so i can blog from the workshop!

  1. 1 where packing = procrastinating. « the new adventures of erin*carly

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