i’m kinda glad i waited.


let me preface this with the fact that trying to be productive while watching Grey’s Anatomy is absolutely futile.

instead of packing, like i should have done hours ago, i sat on the edge of my bed, riveted and captured for two hours.  [well, about an hour and 40 minutes, since i have TiVo.]  this show never ceases to amaze me.  just when i feel like i don’t really care . . .  it pulls that ole’ Shonda one-two and out come the tears and the sniffles and the ‘ohmygoodness.’

the last few episodes were just increasingly better.  i’ve realized why i’ve hated everyone this season up to this point.  we were *supposed* to hate them.  it just built up the craziness for the end.  and i’m not going to write any spoilers here, in case there are other slow-watching people out there . . .  but feel free to leave the “i can’t believe that happened” moments in the comments.

and yes, i admit it.  i cried.  and gasped.  and i covered my eyes multiple times, for very different reasons.

i can’t believe that [everything] happened!


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