a return to childhood, for a moment.


when i was little, my mom or dad would take me with them to the supermarket. i’d oogle at all the pretty vegetables, poke the fruit to see if it was ripe, and even get to pick out my own cereal (within reason, of course). but, the most eye catching part of the trip was the giant display of playground balls.

they would be stacked high within the confines of the wire mesh tower, all blues and greens and pinks together in all sorts of sizes. the opening in the cage was just at the right height for someone my size to reach up and pluck one out without fear of the entire pile tumbling down on my head.

every time we would pass this monument to recess and backyards, i would ask my mom or dad [whomever happened to be leading the excursion – rarely was it both at the same time] if we could get a ball. i just loved the idea of picking one out and taking it home to play, instead of inheriting one from someone else. we had a large amount of hand-me-downs in our family, of clothes and toys from family friends and my cousins. i never really asked for much or wanted anything specific, but this . . . a ball like this was something special.

on a rare occasion, mom or dad would say yes.


today, i stopped into CVS to buy some more band-aids for my knee. this injury is costing me a great deal in supplies to keep it clean and healing, and i must make a CVS run at least twice a week. with band-aids in hand, i made my way to the front of the store and got on line. right in front of me was the table with discontinued and discount items, mostly old hair dye or home waxing kits. but there, behind the brunette #43, it sat with a few of its friends, with a little 50% off sticker adorning its forehead.

almost round, swirly blue, and perfectly sized to fit in my small hand.

i bounced my new friend home from the metro, passing the people eating dinner in the outdoor seating areas, smiling the entire way.

my new friend

my new friend

it will eventually be a gift, and hopefully, the recipient will enjoy it just as much as i have today.


3 Responses to “a return to childhood, for a moment.”

  1. 1 SteveB

    Can I give that a “this is good” … ??? :D I used to go to the hardware store with my dad (pre-Home Depot days) and I would always want to get a “super-pinky” rubber ball to play stepball with.

  2. 2 Ryan/Rylie/Chameleon

    That is awesome. :)

    (I used to be the same way about the ball tower…still kinda am and have occasionally been found next to the ball tower in Target making a few practice bounces when there aren’t a whole bunch of kids around or parents that will look at me like I’m crazy.)

    Enjoy your friend!

    Seconded on the “this is good”-ness.

  3. 3 dewitte

    Fun! I think one of the things I enjoy (there are many) about having a son is that I get to do things again that I did when I was little and nobody thinks it is odd. We had one of those balls and it went flat so we just bought another one and it went flat too. Then we went to Kmart and they had some killer ones, but they were like $12 – ugh!

    I think my weakness is more along the lines of bubble making apparatus and those wooden airplanes with the rubber band. I used to have to have one of those whenever I went to the store. The ones where the rubber band would break after about 15 minutes? Ah, good times.

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