so, you’re probably wondering . . .


“why is erin writing these pointless posts at odd hours in the night?”

see, i’m doing this thing,  this “101 things in 1001 days” thing.  i know, i know.  i always have something to do.  but this list is a productive list, with a long timeframe.  [october 1, 2010] there are a few things i missed on here that i wish i put instead of others, but the list was made, and the list will be done.  or at least as done as possible.

what does this have to do with my random and nonsensical posting with one eye open?

one of my ‘things’ to do is to blog publicly every day for a month.

in my last blog, i got into the habit of posting to ‘friends only,’ all sorts of drivel and neuroses coming out of my head.  part of me knows it helped, and part of me thinks i egged myself on in certain situations.  anyway – to help break out of that habit, i’m tackling this item on my list now, with the beginning of this new blog.  i probably meant to post meaningful things every day, before midnight, but really . . .  i think my format is fulfilling my own requirements.  i’ll just go back after 30 days and make sure i’ve got 30 posts.

now, how to do this while i’m in CT this weekend . . .


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  1. 1 nnooooooeessssss! « the new adventures of erin*carly

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