why does my macbook want to burn off my legs?


no, really.  it’s been running ridiculously hot in the last … well, i don’t know how long, but i’m just recently noticing.  anyone else have that problem?  the fan’s not kicking on, and it’s behaving otherwise normal, so i can’t tell if it’s just because it is summer, or if there’s something wrong.

again, i should be sleeping.

in the last two days, i’ve gotten a ton of work done.  there’s still the little details of sending left, but i’m hoping to get that done tomorrow.

there’s an article i wanted to blog about, but i’m tired.  here’s the link.

how every photo on flickr ended up on sale this weekend.

i know many of us use flickr for hosting and sharing. . .  and something like this frightens me to no end.  i put my trust [probably foolishly] in my “all rights reserved” listing, and the security features that keep downloads and printing to myself only.  but really, the information is there.  anyone with a smidge of programming knowledge could probably hack the API and get on in there.  /sigh

see, this is what blogging is about.  half-asleep ramblings that eventually have a point.

a point.



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