again, i should be sleeping.


especially since i totally slept through my alarm this morning.


i just wanted to mention that i finished not one, but two projects tonight.  i love finishing projects, especially photography projects.  aaron’s calendar days are going to be the BEST on the boat.  and my portfolio is edited and ready, along with my resume, for submission to the Mountain Workshops.  CDs are burned – crap, labels are not ready.  i’ll have to make something up at work.

i feel accomplished.


2 Responses to “again, i should be sleeping.”

  1. 1 SteveB

    So — which four did you end up cutting???

  2. the animal/bug heads one from the Revels set, two from the bris set, and uh . . . i don’t remember the last one. i’ll send you the re-organization when i get home tonite. i think it’s pretty stellar. :)

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