candide: awesome; voltaire: on drugs.


i desperately should be sleeping, but i wanted an excuse to try inserting an image into a post.

tonight, i went with miss s to see TOWWAS and her choir perform with the NSO in a staged concert production of Candide.



look at that!  it’s a photo in my post!  spiffy, huh.

anyways, back to Candide.

it was so fantastic.  and thank goodness the show has a narrator of sorts [jason alexander was perfect in that role, by the way] or else i would have had a horrible time figuring out what country and what tradgedy the characters were currently living.  i think some of the characters were resurrected from the dead more than a soap opera!  voltaire must have been on some hard core drugs when he wrote his epic book, or just obsessed with getting stranded in the jungle.  but as crazy as the timeline and story became, the overall show was great fun.

oh, and the music.  oh the music!  the orchestra is amazing to watch – and i still can’t figure out why there’s a gazillion violins and only two flutes.  [don’t forget, i played flute for 13 years or so, so i get a little defensive of my first musical love.]  okay, so i know why – volume of sound – but still.

and the soloists.  miss s and i looked at each other and said, ‘well, i guess we’re not sopranos, huh.’  it’s incredible how these opera sopranos sing.  almost other worldly . . . i can’t figure out how to even create that sound, let alone sustain it.  the men all have these great baritone sounds . . . and then surprise us with their tenor arias in the same supported volume and tone.  incredible.

lest i forget, the choir added a new depth to the performance.  most shows you see on broadway have ‘ensembles’ for the chorus/company numbers, but take that and multiply it by 10 and you have the effect of a 100-voice choir in a production.  there’s a richness of sound that comes from voices in large numbers, and it really helped support the leads and the orchestra to create the final blend.

for a moment, i had that feeling, the one that says, ‘i wish i could do this.’

then i realized, i do.


One Response to “candide: awesome; voltaire: on drugs.”

  1. 1 towwas

    Yay, glad you enjoyed it!
    Because if there were a gajillion flutes, holy cow, that would be LOUD.
    I wish I could’ve heard the narration. :(

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