a waste of time, or a necessary undertaking?


i have so many things i need/want/have to do today. and what am i doing?

setting up this blog.

:: doh! ::

the things i should be doing:

  • drying my laundry that’s been sitting in the washer for a day and a half.
  • putting together my application package to The Mountain Workshops and subsequently to the Missouri Photo Workshop. (which, by the way, is almost done.)
  • attacking this calendar project with full force, since it needs to leave my hands on monday, tuesday at the latest. (i don’t know why i’m procrastinating on this. i should be happy to do it, but i’m dreading it like the plague.)
  • getting my equipment together for the photoshoot i’m doing later of a dress rehearsal at the Kennedy Center for one of TOWWAS’s choirs.

ah, the life of a perpetual procrastinator. yesterday, i thought, “wow! it’s only friday! i feel like i have so much time to get all these projects done.” now, i’m wishing i hadn’t spent so much time setting up this new blog and gotten the important things done.

or is this just as important?


4 Responses to “a waste of time, or a necessary undertaking?”

  1. 1 towwas

    Oh, you *can* comment. Hi new blog! Thanks for taking pictures today! I’ll be interested to see what you got.

  2. 2 SteveB

    Hey there!! Just poppin’ into say “yo!”

  3. 3 racine

    Howdy! Why not just start a second blog on VOX?

    Missed you last Friday. It was a great parade.

    And YAY — the move is finished. For now!

  4. @racine: the whole point of the migration is so that people outside of VOX can comment, too. i was starting to feel like there was a glass bubble around my blog . . . people could read, but couldn’t comment even if they wanted to. i’m still not sure if this is going to be permanent, but at least i can export whatever i write here and move it somewhere else if i need to. (i don’t think that’s possible on VOX, either.)

    oh. and yay for the move being done! i would have joined in, but i had a large open wound on my knee. figured all that dust would be a bad thing to be around.

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