as always, a test post first.


not sure if i love this program yet.

gotta see about that.  i’ve been messing around with it for quite a while this morning, and there’s things i like and things i don’t.

things i don’t like about wordpress:

  1. i can’t change any fonts.
  2. i can’t change any format colors.
  3. the window is kinda narrow on a wide screen, and i don’t think it’ll get bigger.
  4. it’s not vox.

things i do like about wordpress:

  • these handy formatting buttons.  but really, i think everyone has those.
  • the ability to have all sorts of widgets on the sidebar, with no limit to how many links are listed
  • anyone can comment!
  • a theme that doesn’t suck too bad, and functions similarly to what i’m used to.
  • the ability to publish to my own domain (coming soon, hopefully.)

i’m not sold on this switch, nor do i think it’ll be a switch.  i still love VOX very much, and i’d hate to be another deserter.  but . . .  i want my friends and family who read but don’t have vox accounts to be able to comment.

we’ll see what happens.


One Response to “as always, a test post first.”

  1. 1 Rhianna

    I appreciate the ability to comment! Of course, I suppose I can do the *somewhat stalker* move of reading your vox and then facebooking you my comments (which I’ve been meaning to do, btw…)

    Your blogs are fun!

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