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if you had one phone call left with a loved one before months would go by without hearing your voice, what would you want to tell them? what would you want them to hear? would you fill the time with mindless chatter, as though nothing were changing?  or would you fill it with age-old clichés […]

i saw Barack Obama today, coming out of a fundraiser at the Mayflower Hotel.

“if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” right? i’ve taken that to heart over the last few days, and waited until i felt better before writing.  aaron’s impending departure is emotionally trying, to say the least. nothing much to report on today . . . busy day, lots accomplished […]

there’s still a ton of logistics to figure out – flights, rental car, hotel, coordinating with Becky so i get to see her at least a little bit while i’m in her general area – but i’m beside myself excited. i really wasn’t sure if i’d get in or not. (don’t you go making a […]

aaron sent me flowers because i’ve been really, really sad.



i just spoke with someone at the Missouri Photo Workshop.  tomorrow should be the day applicants find out if they’re accepted or not to this year’s program. please, let me be one of the lucky ones. i really need this right now.

meme: the first


i’ve been blogging [in some form or another] for over eight years, and i still never tire of the occasional meme. 1. What was I doing 10 years ago that would be july 21, 1998 . . . well, i was between my junior and senior years in high school. this was the summer i […]

i was pretty sad in that last post.  i mean, failure is not something i take lightly.  but perhaps it should be a case study in trying to just chill. anyways, i’m home again, and host to a rather nasty sinus headache.  most likely from the ridiculously hot train car, the ridiculously hot weather, and […]

i failed. i knew this would happen, with a long journey, a late arrival, a crazy amount of work to do, and no wi-fi available on the train.  i just couldn’t fit in a blog post yesterday. so now, what do i do? start counting over?  cheat and blog twice in one day?  i’ve been successful […]

let me preface this with the fact that trying to be productive while watching Grey’s Anatomy is absolutely futile. instead of packing, like i should have done hours ago, i sat on the edge of my bed, riveted and captured for two hours.  [well, about an hour and 40 minutes, since i have TiVo.]  this […]